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John is a Performance and Growth Coach who has spent 10 years in the US Navy SEAL Teams. He helps client become better leaders, spouses, andversions of themselves by applying his experience to their lives. He hascoached pro-athletes, world champions, All-Americans and businessowners, to help them reach the next level.

About Me

John provides one of the most unique coaching experiences available in the world. If you’re looking to perform higher in life, live a life of purpose and clarity, become a better leader, spouse, or version of yourself then John is the coach for you. 

For over 10 years John served in the US Navy SEAL Teams as one of the most elite special operators on the planet. He deployed numerous times all over the globe in support of the Global War on Terror. Now, John serves inside of ProFit as The Performance and Growth Coach.

John takes his highly valuable experiences from the SEAL Teams and brings it right to you as your coach. When you work with John he takes what allowed him to be successful as a Navy SEAL and helps you apply it directly to your life. 

John has coached pro-athletes, world champions, All-Americans, business owners and leaders, and everyone else in between. If you want to take your life to the next level then contact John today.

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