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Executive Director

Shelbi Robinson Allen

Shelbi is a Medical Billing and Coding and Medical Data Entry professional with over four years of experience, who recently started working for Pro Fit in 2021. She is also a wife and mother of three and enjoys being able to work from home while helping clients with scheduling, medication refills, supplement orders, lab scheduling, and more. She is the main point of contact for Pro Fit High Performance Medicine clients.

About Shelbi

Shelbi has over four years of experience in Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Data Entry and Office Administration. She was working as a floating MA for two Dermatology Practices in 2020 when she decided to take more time at home with her family.

Shelbi started working for Pro Fit in 2021. She is a wife and mother of three who loves being able to be at home with her kids, take them to activities, pick them up from school, etc. - all while helping people on their health journey.

Shelbi assists directly in helping clients with call scheduling, medication refills/concerns, supplement orders, lab scheduling, etc. - Shelbi is our client's point of contact for all of these things and more while working with Pro Fit High Performance Medicine!!

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