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We set the standard for the highest quality,
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Functional Medicine is becoming increasingly popular!

BUT not all Functional Medicine Practitioners are created equal.  Many nutritionists, health practitioners, chiropractors and even some MD’s claim to ‘practice Functional Medicine’ but they have no formal education in how to actually practice aside from what they can google on the internet.

At Pro Fit, our Functional Medicine and Nutrition Protocols are not one off emails with a list of supplements, or a cookie-cutter plan given to all clients, you will receive a comprehensive, personalized, digital protocol inside our patient portal detailing your nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.  You will also receive a comprehensive report on your lab values that shows reference ranges, areas of opportunity and future potential for disease development.

When you choose Pro Fit you can rest assured that our protocols are not only based on the most recent clinical research, but we also have the proper education and experience to help your body heal and not send you into further metabolic distress.

Backed and partnered with brands you know and trust.

Results are driven by knowledge AND experience. Anyone can claim to be a health coach, but years of education and practical experience are what bring long-term results.

Dr Phill | Pro Fit

Trusted by world class athletes and professionals

Personal Injury Lawyer and an Adivertising Icon from Alabama. He is also Founder and CEO of Alexander Shunnarah Injury

Alexander Shunnarah

“In regards to my endorsement of Pro Fit, if you are looking to achieve great strength, mobility, energy, health, a mental boost and clarity…Kelsey is one of the most knowledgeable people in the space! She has helped me achieve all the above.  She loves and lives her passion daily!"

-Alexander Shunnarah

One of The Diesel Brothers on the Discovery Channel and Entrepreneur

Keaton Hoskins aka “The Muscle“

“I have a background in Fitness and have been active all of my life.  I was tracking all of my food, following a low carb diet and killing it in the gym but not seeing results.  Kelsey convinced me to do genetic testing and we found out a lot of valuable information that correlated exactly with the frustrations I was experiencing.  Kelsey suggested supplements, dietary changes and lifestyle adjustments like sauna and cold tub use.  Kelsey really knows her stuff and I highly recommend her! You won’t be disappointed!

- Keaton Hoskins

Vice President of TruLean, Instructor & Gatekeeper of “The Modern Day Knight Project“

Erin Alejandrino

“Kelsey is thorough, detailed, and extremely knowledgeable — she takes a holistic approach to health optimization and puts you back in control of your fitness results. I couldn’t recommend her more!”

–Erin Alejandrino

Franchise Business Advisor at Fit Body Boot Camp

Mike Sadikian

Kelsey is very knowledgeable, understanding, and comes with a giving hand!!! From the first moment I connected with Kelsey my experience has been 5 star. We dived in deep into my issues with my current physical condition and she was able to immediately provide me with valuable information I could not find online and also that I was able to apply right away. She has been a tremendous help through my journey and I could not recommend using her services enough. I have been able to take a deeper dive into my issues which my doctors have not been able to do. I highly recommend Kelsey to all my loved ones, family, and friends!

– Mike Sadikian

ABC’s The Bachelorette, Golf Pro, Finance

Garrett Powell

“Coming off of filming the Bachelorette, I was really struggling with getting adequate and restful sleep, and it was extremely affecting my performance in the weight room and life in general.  After seeking help from Kelsey and the Pro Fit team, my sleep and gym performance dramatically increased.  I was able to track my sleep through the Pro Fit app synced to my Apple watch and was actually able to watch the hours of restful sleep improve.  It was a complete night and day difference using their guidance and supplementation.  I owe it all to them!

-Garrett Powell, 28

NPC BIKINI PRO, Entrepreneur, Massage Therapist, Aspiring Sports Psych

Lauren Davis

“I highly recommend Pro Fit Medicine! Kelsey is extremely knowledgeable and is hands on with every part of the process. Being a bikini competitor it is imperative for us to know exactly what we need nutritionally for our body during our prep as well as during off season training and the lab process is the perfect fit when needs are as specific as ours. Pro Fit is tailored to fit the person, which makes it perfect for a wide range of individuals, whether a professional athlete or a stay at home mom. I trust Kelsey completely and hope you choose ProFit for your health as well!!”

- Lauren Davis

NPC Prep Coach, Nutrition Specialist, Strength Training Programing

Alex Baugh

“Since teaming up with Kelsey, I have been able to see a full hormone panel and food allergy testing allowing me to dive deeper then the surface of what is occurring in my clients bodies. We all hear the cliche “everyone’s body is different” and a big part of that is their hormone response and their body’s adaptation to a nutrition and training regimen. With Kelsey’s help, I’ve been able to pinpoint exactly the underlying issues of hormone imbalances that hinder clients from reaching their fullest potential, as well as avoiding metabolic damage while we dive deep into a competition prep phase and even coming out of one. Kelsey’s programs have assured myself and my clients health among all and I am truly grateful to have teamed up with her.”

- Alex Baugh

Executive Director of Fit Body Boot Camp, Weapons and Tactics Instructor of “The Modern Day Knight Project“ and Elite Business Coach

Matt Schneider

“Prior to working with Kelsey and Pro Fit Medicine, I was stuck in a plateau in my progress of cutting unhealthy weight. I was doing the work in both exercise and nutrition, but the weight wouldn’t shed. After sharing my frustrations with a friend who had previously worked with Kelsey and had major success, he made an introduction to Kelsey. After getting my labs done, Kelsey was able to quickly identify what was contributing to my plateau. She enlightened me on the story my bloodwork was telling and made a series of suggestions on how to begin moving my levels to a place of optimization. Kelsey helped me break free of the plateaus and achieve a level of health and fitness that I’ve never had. Kelsey and her entire Pro Fit Medicine team are amazing!”

- Matt Schneider

Revolutionary lab reports

The Pro Fit Functional Blood Chemistry Report is the result of a detailed algorithmic analysis of your blood results from a Functional Medicine perspective. Our analytical and interpretive software analyzes your blood test data for its hidden meaning and reveals the subtle, web-like patterns interwoven within the numbers that signify the first stages of dysfunction within the body.

The Functional Medicine Approach to biochemistry and blood analysis is oriented around changes in physiology and not pathology. We use ranges that are based on “optimal physiology” and not the “normal” population. This results in a tighter functional physiological reference range which allows us to evaluate the area within the “normal” range that indicates that something is not quite right in the physiological systems associated with this biomarker. This gives us the ability to detect changes in your physiological function. We can then identify the factors that obstruct you from achieving optimal physiological, bio-chemistry and metabolic functioning in your body.

Click below to download a sample of our 57+ page Functional Medicine Report you will receive with your Comprehensive Blood Panel.

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