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Trainer, Breathwork, Biomechanics, Animal Flow, Recovery Therapy and Life Coach

Tyler Bland

Tyler specializes in Wim Hof Breath work and meditation, Animal Flow yoga, bio mechanics, personal training, Recovery Therapy and Life Coaching.

Exercise: Animal Flow

Breath work & Meditation

  • Based on the Wim Hof method, Tyler will lead you through a series of repetitive deep breathing that will oxygenate your blood. This technique combats anxiety, depression, and dis-ease. Tyler can also help you establish a meaningful meditation practice.

Animal Flow

  • Ground based movement fitness that is a mix between animal locomotion’s and yoga. Fun, artistic, and a great training skill to have that can be used anywhere.

FP Bio-Mechanics

Biological training based around the 3 main movements of humans: walking, running, and throwing. Correcting posture, breaking down fascia, and utilizing all planes of motion in order to move better in 3 dimensional space.

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