Genetic Testing

Experience the power of AI-Powered, Full Genome Testing!

Unlike any other DNA test on the market, our Genetic Test uses the most advanced artificial intelligence to allow us to have unique insight into our patient’s genomics.

The screening detailed below is our Pro Fit Genetic Screening specifically for health and wellness!  The kits are buccal swabs and your genetic info is securely protected and never shared with other companies like 23andme.

Fat & Carb Metabolism

Discover how your body metabolizes fat and carbs, this allows us to create a personalized nutrition program that will be optimal for you.


Certain genetic SNP’s weaken the body’s detox pathways requiring more support to function at effective levels.

Antioxidant Demand

How effectively you are able to neutralize free radicals can be effected by a few SNP’s, increasing you need to take in more antioxidants than the average person.

Omega 3 Demand

Your genetics determine your natural inflammatory response, determining the amount of Omega 3’s you need to intake.

Micronutrient Need

Many of the body’s processes depend on micronutrient levels, metabolic functions can be drastically hindered by lower than optimal levels.

Salt Sensitivity

Certain genetic variants can increase a risk for high blood pressure by a diet too high in salt. Find out if you have that variant.

Alcohol Sensitivity

Ever wondered how you actually respond to alcohol? Certain genetic SNPS can determine how you respond to alcohol and may effect what alcoholic beverages you choose!

Caffeine Sensitivity

Certain SNPS determine the half life of caffeine in your body and how caffeine will be metabolized and used. Some individuals can not tolerate caffeine!

Lactose Tolerance

Lactose intolerance is one of the main food intolerances seen today. A large amount of people lose the ability to digest lactose into adulthood which can lead to a wide range of symptoms.

Gluten Tolerance

Individuals with a certain genetic SNP are predisposed to developing celiac disease and its important to know your risk!

Training Intensity Response

What percentage of your workout should be power and what percentage should be endurance? We can take the guesswork out of the equation and tell you!

Aerobic Response

VO2Max response–at what point does your body adapt to a lack of oxygen while increasing work intensity? We can tell you how to hack your genetics to get a better response and results you are training for.


Some genetic SNPS require a higher antioxidant rich diet to properly recover from stress and exercise.

Injury Predisposition

Prevention is key! Know your risk for injury so you can be proactive!

Stress Resilience

Become aware of your ability to adjust to stress and tolerance of high pressure situations, without a reduction in your quality of work and wellbeing.

Performance under pressure

Learn how you personally adapt and respond in a high pressure situation.

Early bird or Night Owl?

Have you ever noticed some people wake up early and others stay up late? Find out which you are and how you can adjust your schedule to best suit your genetics!

Sleep Quality

Sleep is vital to wellbeing, find out if you are a light sleeper and should take extra steps to ensure you get adequate, restful sleep!

Caffeine and Sleep Disturbance

Find out if having caffeine in your system particularly effects you worse than others due to a genetic SNP ADORA2!

Genetic Risk for Disease

Using your raw data file from 23andme we go through your results and pin point SNPs that could potentially put you at risk for familial predisposition.

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