Concierge Medicine

Personalized healthcare that optimizes your well-being

As a member of Pro Fit’s Concierge Medicine Program, you’ll experience personalized care that truly makes a difference. Enjoy prompt availability, dedicated personal attention, and a proactive approach to health management, all foundational to Pro Fit’s commitment to exceptional medical care.

Personalized and focused on

Pro Fit’s Concierge Medicine Program offers personalized attention and preventative care, moving beyond the traditional model of merely treating illnesses. By getting to know you personally and dedicating ample time to your health needs, Dr. Mueller helps you achieve and maintain your best health. 

24/7 availability

Reach out to our staff by phone, email, or text- we're here to support you!

Same-day appointments

Dr. Mueller will see you now—as in today, or the very next business day, on time.

Longer visits

Spend 30 to 45 minutes with Dr. Mueller on average, and up to 90 minutes for a physical.

Personal attention

Dr. Mueller will take the time to get to know you and your personal health objectives.

were all online

Dr Mueller can meet with you via webcam or a phone call.

Personalized plan

Get a step-by-step wellness plan customized to your health goals.


Get prompt answers to your urgent health questions.

Proactive vs. reactive

Dr Mueller’s Personalized Care Program assists in preventing health issues, rather than treating them after the fact.

A doctor with more time for you

Dr. Mueller’s concierge services differ significantly from traditional healthcare, starting with the time you’ll spend with him: typically 30 to 45 minutes online , and discussing lifestyle changes and Functional Medicine approaches.  

This extended time allows you to ask questions and receive thorough answers. It also enables Dr. Mueller to deeply understand your health issues and provide actionable advice. Rather than just reviewing numbers or prescribing medications, Dr. Mueller will sit down with you to fully discuss your test results and how to improve your health.

Wellness that’s personalized for you

Your wellness program will outline how to achieve your best health, including nutrition guidelines, supplements, lifestyle modifications, tools and educational resources to help you reach your goals. Once your plan is in place, you will have quarterly check-ins with Kelsey & Dr. Mueller to monitor your progress and quickly identify any issues to get you back on track. This personalized healthcare attention can truly make a difference in how well you live your life.

Each quarter you will receive a 30 min check in with Kelsey to cover Nutrition, Lifestyle, Supplement and Performance adjustments based on your progress, and a 15 min check in with Dr. Mueller to discuss health and wellness management and medication adjustments.

Concierge members also receive exclusive discounts and access to Pro Fit educational material.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Your concierge membership services won’t end. It’s common to have questions as you work towards a healthier lifestyle. Should you need assistance, Kelsey & Dr. Mueller will be accessible. 

Regardless of whether you’re managing a chronic health condition or striving to maintain your current health, you’ll receive comprehensive guidance, resources, and motivation to achieve and sustain your personal health objectives. Our staff will be available for support via phone, text, or email, round the clock, every day of the week.

Internal medicine services

Internal medicine, often referred to as the practice of internists, is a specialized field within medicine. Internists are adept at addressing diverse health concerns and are recognized for their expertise in diagnosing and managing chronic conditions. Unlike family medicine practitioners who cater to patients of all ages, internal medicine specialists primarily focus on the healthcare needs of adults and adolescents aged 18 and above.