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June 20, 2024

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t losing weight?

When it comes to losing weight, there are a few variables to tackle and consider.

1. Yes, it’s your “diet”. However this doesn’t mean we want you to go on some fad diet, keto, or carnivore. Just old fashioned macro counting. Not calories, just macros.

Macros are Proteins, carbs and fats. Monitoring these 3 macro nutrients will ensure you are eating enough food and the right food. Outside of counting them, it obviously has to come from healthy, nutrient dense food.

2. You lack consistency and a plan

You go to the gym and don’t have a structured plan for what you’re doing and more importantly, WHY you are doing it. Working out is a science - there is a certain level HR that burns more fat (which is obviously something we want if that’s the goal) and there’s science in gaining muscle. Yes, you being active in general is definitely helpful, but it might not be doing the trick.

Structured workouts are key in hitting your weight loss goals. Doing random workouts and doing them inconsistently, will NOT yield results.

3. You’re snacking too often

I love snacks. Trust me I love snacks more than meals sometimes. And you think to yourself “well I don’t snack that bad! I do it here and there”

Let me tell you how much you are wrong for those thoughts. Yes, snacks can be good and you can pick healthy snacks but you may not be realizing how much you are “grazing” through out the day and what macros you’re eating. Most snacks people eat are high in far and high in carb and high in sugar. Next time you snack, I challenge you to add up how many grams of each you are eating each day.

Try to apply these top 3 tricks to your daily habit and workout routine and you might see some weight loss in your future.

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